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Kaspersky Total Space Security
Kaspersky Total Space Security

360° Threat Protection

No organization can afford for its confidential data and intellectual property to be lost or stolen. However, as networks become more complex, and more employees are working remotely, businesses are increasingly exposed to virus attacks, regardless of company size.
Kaspersky Total Space Security provides a single solution to protect your entire network against the most advanced security threats.

Ultimate malware protection
Kaspersky Total Space Security is equipped with our latest antivirus engine. This delivers powerful protection, blocking and eliminating all types of modern malware.
Protection against hackers
Modern hackers now use keyloggers and rootkits to access data and avoid detection. Our powerful antivirus engine effectively neutralizes these threats, preventing unauthorized access to your computers.
Surfing the Internet can make your network vulnerable. For added protection, our special database will identify and disable suspicious links and remove any phishing emails.
Firewall protection
A new generation firewall and Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems protect users working on any type of network. With predefined rules for over 250 commonly used applications, time spent configuring the firewall is significantly reduced.
Secure electronic communication
Email messaging is an essential part of any business. However, it can leave your network exposed. Kaspersky Total Space Security scans all messages you send and receive, and also any links or files sent via instant messaging applications such as ICQ and MSN.
Removable device control
Computers can easily become infected through removable devices such as USB flash drives, data storage and I/O devices. Kaspersky Total Space Security enables you to control the use of these devices and prevent them from connecting to your corporate network.
Anti-theft protection for smartphones
Smartphones have become an essential business tool. However, they can be easily lost or stolen, presenting a new security risk. If one of your organization’s smartphones is lost or stolen, you can delete files, messages, and stored addresses remotely thanks to Anti-Theft protection, which also lets you identify who is using the device.
  • SMS Block and SMS Clean: if a smartphone is lost, simply send a hidden SMS message to the original SIM card, and any data will be blocked. You can also remotely wipe data from the device memory.
  • SIM Watch: when a smartphone is stolen, the SIM card is often replaced. If this happens, SIM Watch prevents the new user from accessing any personal data, and also sends you the new telephone number of the device without the new user’s knowledge.
  • Encryption: files, folders and memory cards can be encrypted and password-protected.
Support for virtualization
VMware Ready certification ensures proven reliability for virtual environments.
Complete network protection
Corporate networks may use different operating systems and platforms. In the past, this made total protection complicated. Kaspersky Total Space Security has been designed to provide a single solution to support all popular platforms:
  • Smartphones: Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry
  • Workstations: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • File Servers: Windows, Linux (including Samba), Novell
  • Mail Servers: Linux, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino
  • Internet Gateways: Microsoft ISA Server, Forefront TMG, Squid, Blue Coat, and Cisco proxy servers
Terminal server protection
With protection for Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix XenApp servers, end users working in desktop/application publishing modes remain protected and are notified of events using the terminal services tools. This also ensures that actions performed on end-users’ files and scripts are audited.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition (an application inside Kaspersky Total Space Security) is certified compatible with Citrix XenApp and has been awarded a Citrix Ready certificate.
Cluster Support
Kaspersky Total Space Security is designed to work with the complex server cluster architecture found in today’s enterprise networks, protecting both local disks and the cluster’s shared disks owned by the protected node.
Over 99% of spam emails blocked
In order to protect your network from mass mailings, our mail security application combines the latest technologies to block over 99% of all spam emails.
Real-time email scanning
With Kaspersky Total Space Security mail application, all incoming and outgoing messages, including attachments, are scanned in real time. Any infected objects can then be treated or deleted.
Real-time scanning of Internet traffic via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, POP3 and SMTP protocols
The program inside Kaspersky Total Space Security scans for and removes all types of malicious programs in data traffic transferred via the Microsoft ISA / Forefront TMG Server. Scanned objects include archived and compressed files in practically any formats.

Network Efficiency

IT security is essential, but you can’t afford for your infrastructure to be slowed down or compromised by security software. That’s why Kaspersky Total Space Security has been designed to enable your network to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, at all times - while being completely protected.

Network efficiency
  • New antivirus engine: based on a new antivirus engine, applications have been designed to dramatically increase scanning speed without overloading system resources or slowing down other programs.
  • iSwift and iChecker: thanks to Kaspersky Lab’s proprietary iSwift and iChecker technologies, once all objects have been scanned, only new and modified files are scanned in the future.
Infected computer isolation
If a workstation on your network becomes infected, the user is automatically blocked from accessing server resources, allowing effective treatment of the source of virus infection without impact on other workstations.
System recovery to protect your operating system
When a malicious program is detected, any records created by the program will be deleted to protect your operating system.
Backup of infected objects
Sometimes an infected object may require further analysis by Kaspersky Lab’s experts. If this happens, all objects are backed up, so you can restore information and continue working.
Seamless integration with third-party programs
  • Resource management: when user activity is high, your antivirus solution will reduce its demands on your system by running in the background.
  • Trusted applications: to enable you to work seamlessly with other programs, our trusted application zone allows you to add third-party applications.

Easy Management

To keep administration time to a minimum, Kaspersky Administration Kit enables you to manage, monitor and protect your entire network - from Windows and Linux workstations and file servers to mobile devices on the Microsoft Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms.

Centralized network security management
Our centralized management system allows you to set up antivirus protection, monitor your network and respond to emergencies.
A solution that grows with your business
The scalability of Kaspersky Total Space Security means that as your business grows, your network remains protected.
With Kaspersky Administration Kit, it is possible to support systems with complex hierarchy, enabling you to:
  • Distribute the load from your main Administration Server to slave Administration Servers.
  • Shape network traffic needed by threat protection tasks to give more network resources for business applications.
  • Assign different security administrators to look after specific tasks.
It is also possible to limit the bandwidth that Kaspersky Administration Kit uses.
Dashboard displays for real-time updates
Dashboard displays allow you to monitor your network security status in real time, enabling a quick response in the event of a security breach.
Remote user protection
Kaspersky Total Space Security extends to your users even when they are using laptops away from the office.
Whenever a computer is not connected to your administration server, protection settings are adjusted to cover against the increased risk of virus infection when working remotely.
Support for network access, including Cisco® NAC and Microsoft® NAP
Kaspersky Administration Kit can serve as compliance validator for Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) and Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) solutions. In this scenario, Kaspersky Administration Server functions as a standard Posture Validation Server (for Cisco solution) or System Health Validator (for Microsoft solution), which can be used by NAC or NAP to allow or deny network access for a PC, depending on threat protection status.
Simple access to your security status reports
Based on information stored on the administration server, you can access comprehensive security status reports via email, which can be saved manually or on a scheduled basis in HTML, XML and PDF formats.
Remote system maintenance without user disruption
Kaspersky Total Space Security allows you to install, set up and manage your antivirus applications remotely, and because it is virtually transparent to users (or can be even hidden completely), your employees can work without disruption.
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